Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bugatti 16.4 Veyron Grand Sport

On the details of the vehicles assembled in part can be seen that was never saved. Even small farmers who disappeared behind the door panels are made of thin carbon fiber composite. As the gland are titanium screws that may be used only once. Then, each car is lowered by two engineers, 500 kilometers around Molsheim, and the engine is running prior to installation into the car as early as 24 hours. When salt is sprinkled on the roads, the sports car for trips to southern France to be spent.
 Bugatti 16.4 Veyron

Incredible effort
The Volkswagen Group has operated for the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, an unbelievable effort. The specification of CEO Ferdinand Piech was clear - to build the fastest production car in the world, in unparalleled perfection. This claim is reflected in every point and every stage of development and manufacturing process.

Exit with a 16.4 Grand Sport
Fulfilled in the engineering feat at the helm then, as we have seen on a ride with a 16.4 Grand Sport in the Alsatian homeland. The ideal seating position is easily found - not a given in a supercar. Steering wheel and seat adjustment are also designed for tall drivers. The most necessary is reduced to the switch in the center console feel cool and light up to show that this alloy and not plastic was used. The switches of the center console are arranged horizontally and each have a dual function. They are accurate over a short distance to tilt upward and downward. The two control wheels rotate pleasant - with noticeable grids.

Curiosity wins over the respect
After the brief orientation period, the curiosity wins out over the awe. The ignition is switched on with a conventional key - then the actual boot process is done with a separate "start" button. If the eight-liter engine comes to life, the spectacular is done without noise. Rather, one is reminded of a taking off remembers turbine, and the machine falls immediately into a sonorous babbling. At the same time put a total of around 100 liters of fluids circulating in the movement, including 18 liters of motor oil and 18 liters of gear oil. In the area of ​​the sill, almost arm-width pipes are laid, the Veyron has a total of the impressive number of 12 coolers.

The Bugatti Veyron intimidating despite its immense power and a super sports car unusually expansive dimensions, not one. After the first few meters of the car feels familiar, its size can be estimated well. One is - apart from the seating position - almost like a luxury sedan. The same goes for the sound: The sixteen-cylinder and four turbine Turblader produce a perfect sound, even on long trips will never be too loud. And so can every time the sensational "Puccini" sound system with Dynaudio speakers enjoy.

The driving stages of the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox are either elected by the middle lever, which operates at very short distances - or you use the same shift paddles on the steering wheel is directly mounted. There they are, unfortunately, relatively far inside and feel a bit too soft. In addition, position and shape of the components for connoisseurs of the VW group is not entirely unknown.

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