Monday, June 18, 2012

2016 BMW M1

BMW plans for 2016, the new version of the M1 sports car. From BMW's internal sources said, that should make the engine of the M1 "at least 600 hp," even more 650th As reported car frame in the current edition of the Munich car manufacturer wants to make the new model, especially the Audi R8, the McLaren MP4-12C and the Mercedes SLS AMG, the Porsche 911 Turbo competitor.

2016 bmw m1
2016 bmw m1

1250 kg, 330 km / h
The journal quoted a representative from the BMW M-level leadership: "The performance of the new development must be designed so convincing that the competition has left behind." Specifically, this will provide less than three seconds from zero to 100 km and more than 330 km / h top of the M1 - both allegedly at unrivaled low consumption. For the power transmission then a double-clutch transmission with eight or nine speed levels is responsible. From the multi-pass variable valve timing on intake and exhaust systems to different-sized turbochargers with adaptable geometry for M1 are all high-tech devices on board. The materials takes BMW back on carbon, aluminum, magnesium and titanium, to high-strength steel and various plastics. The weight should be at 1,250 pounds

"Curtain" of rain water
An airlock steers during heavy rainfall the water like a curtain over the window. Of course, the basic form is completely new cockpit designed to meet the needs of the modern age, visibility and safety with the original M1-1978 (above the background, red) are not comparable. Still can instantly recognize which model is based on the new BMW M1: The reveal, among other things, the graphics window, the lamellar structure of the air in-and outlets, the squat proportions and not least, the two BMW badges on the rear lights.

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