Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2013 BMW Electric Cars

With a new marketing model, BMW will bring next year his first electric car to the man. In addition, a comprehensive service package the customer take the fear of new technology.

Unlike conventional models, the BMW announced for 2013 small electric cars are not bought i3 only the dealer, but also directly through the Internet. The third option is the sale of mobile agents can be handled, visit the customer at home.
2013 bmw electric cars
2013 bmw electric cars

With the expanded distribution channels BMW claims to want to make possible the consistent focus on customer needs. Moreover, an advantage is likely to be more flexible coverage. For the launch probably the only one in ten dealers electric models will be able to sell locally. It is customary in the industry, manufacturers save on the one hand the comprehensive provision of demonstration and training their dealers complete in terms of electric car technology and service.

To keep customers on side the hurdle for entry into the new technology as low as possible, BMW will offer a comprehensive service. For convenient charging at home, the company provides a cradle for mounting on the wall, called a wall box, are available. At the same time are offered in cooperation with the special rates for utilities, and also the supply of green electricity is provided.

For easy loading will go into BMW cooperation with car park operators and operators of public charging stations. Among other things, paying can be simplified and the Book of charging stations to be possible. Is there anyway to stay lying down because the batteries, is a mobile roadside service assistance. This recharges the batteries either on site or towing the vehicle to the nearest charging station. Not least, BMW's i3's customers also offer the possibility to resort to driving long distances on a conventional car of the brand.

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