Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2013 Nissan NV30 Caravan

In Japan, 2013 Nissan NV350 with the Caravan presents a new van that will come to Europe.

Already at the Tokyo motor Show 2011 Nissan has shown a Concept-vehicle of the Nissan NV350, now was presents in Japan the series version of the spacious vans.

Following the successful Nissan NV200, which will come even as a new New York taxi is used, the Nissan NV350 will increase its market share in commercial vehicle segment, Nissan continues.

Of NV200 positioned above the Nissan NV350 is designed mainly for urban delivery vehicles, and indeed for those customers, which is the Nissan NV200 too small.

Visually, the Nissan NV350 fits perfectly with the new Nissan Design line, despite the utility designed especially for interior design of the truck looks very modern and appealing.

In the fall of the Nissan NV350 in Japan will initially be on the market, the global distribution will be done step by step. An exact launch date for Europe was not yet known.

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