Saturday, June 2, 2012

2013 BMW 1 Series ActiveE

With a limited production of 1,100 copies comes the 2013 BMW 1 Series ActiveE the successor to the all-electric Mini E at the Munich and serves as a laboratory to test the electrical mobility in everyday life. Is not to buy the vehicle, one must turn to BMW to get the leasing package in the short list.
2013 bmw 1 series activee
2013 bmw 1 series activeE

If you get hold of one of the leases, can adjust to a new and very attractive driving experience. The 1 Series ActiveE accelerates with a gentle hum in 9 seconds to 100 km / and continues to accelerate rapidly, however, runs at 145 km / h in the Abregler. This restriction is also the range that you want to settle down with a few tweaks and a forward driving style around 160 kilometers. To achieve this value, the driver should turn on the "Eco Pro" mode and make use of plenty of Rekuperationsmöglichkeit that uses relatively heavily when he takes his foot off the accelerator pedal. You can also leave "half speed" and then roll along without delay.
2013 bmw 1 series activee

The BMW 1 Series ActiveE is powered by a rear axle mounted on the driven rear engine developing 125 kW/170 hp, respectively, a lithium-ion battery pack located under the back seat, in the center tunnel and under the bonnet bloated. Despite its low center of gravity is no wonder this 1er driving dynamics, which is primarily due to its high weight of 1.8 tons.

The equipment with navigation system, leather seats, xenon headlamps is complete, there is the electrical 1er way only in white. The experience gained will benefit a wider audience: With the upcoming BMW i3, the Munich prescribed specifically for electric mobility.
2013 bmw 1 series activee

2013 bmw 1 series activee

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