Monday, June 4, 2012

2013 Audi R8

In the life of a bread-and-butter cars pass three, maximum four years, is to a facelift for the second period of life of the program. The optical and technical refresher to keep the model attractive and the level of sales curve. Of this revision is also a sports car like the Audi R8 is not spared. Although the flat racing with the distinctive sign in the carbon-edge today in no way affects old or unfashionable. Also, the paragraph is correct. Average of 4 000 customers opt for the annual high-tech two-seater. The sales people are satisfied. "Since its debut in 2007, we sold more than 20 000 units," says Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler, "within the life cycle, we plan 30 000 units."

2013 audi r8
2013 audi r8

As is common with most facelifts, limited and the audi R8 on the cosmetic front and rear. Sheet structure and the body remained intact. Visible is the new version mainly changes to the headlights. They are flatter and have wider and deeper the R8 front on the street. At the rear are new LED lights. For never before in the automotive industry, there has been a "wiping" indicator. Audi has it. The light yellow band at the bottom of the lamp flashes, not just move from the inside outward. A very cool effect, and somehow fits Audi's claim, all to be a bit better than the competition. "For this deal, we had over a year with the European authorities," says Rupert Stadler, "but now we are the only world that offer such a feature is." Additional paint colors and new alloy wheels complete the exterior design features.

The major changes to the new audi R8 are happening under the hood glass. Since 85 percent of customers opt for the 2009 program taken to the ten-cylinder petrol engine, Audi offers the 385 kW/525 hp V10 engine, an uprated version called R8 V10 Plus page. The "Plus" means the R8 403 kW/550 hp, 540 Nm of torque and an acceleration in just 3.7 seconds from zero to 100 km / h What the V10 Plus is only slightly below the values ​​of limited to 333 units R8 GT.

The Ingolstadt donated the R8 also have a new switch box, the most important point of the model update. Many customers have been previously used with the sequential six-speed manual transmission (R tronic) in terms of shifting is not really satisfied. The criticism, Audi has taken to heart. The completely newly developed seven-speed dual-clutch transmission with two wet clutches to the gears move now with optimal dynamic promised Stadler. It celebrates its debut in the R8. But it would not be long before it is even with Audi Italian sister Lamborghini in the options list.
2013 audi r8
Continues to excel is the interior of the R8. A feel-good sports aluminum mix of leather, carbon fiber and brushed. The workmanship is excellent. And even though chief designer Egger has changed the layout of the cockpit anything, the audi R8 driver may continue to enjoy some new controls and the state of the art infotainment. There was definitely still need to catch up.

Will be debuting his 2013 Audi R8 V10 Plus public at the International Motor Show in late August in Moscow. Then prices will also be announced. As a small orientation may help advance the price of the current flagship model R8: start at $ 115,400.

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