Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2013 Audi Q3 Concept

Auto China Motor Show 2012 in Beijing Audi RS presents a concept car based on the concept Q3. This is a unique interpretation of the nature of the compact SUV - consistently dynamic.
2013 Audi Q3

Painted in blue Audi RS Q3 concept car is a thrilling dynamics. MOTOR 2.5 TFSI generating a power output of 265 kW (360 hp) and extended and lowered by about 25 mm body, combined with expressive detail that redefines the potential of Q3.

Frame made of brushed and polished aluminum grille is surrounded by a "single-" RS Audi Q3 concept. Black grille guards are placed in a new geometric pattern - honeycombs have been moved slightly to the inside relative to each other, you, that seem to be three dimensional. At the bottom of the grill is visible plastic, silver emblem quattro. Reflectors are slightly tinted. Some chromed elements in them are dark or covered with plastic parts with carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).

The bumper has been redesigned. His powerful surround the outer edges of the air intakes, which are divided into two segments.

Their internal parts of the grid are honeycomb, exterior, however, are made of plastic reinforced with carbon fiber (CFRP), are in the form of smooth funnels. The front spoiler is also made of CFRP. Its bottom is black and matte, while the lower bumper has been painted blue and covered with clear varnish.
2013 Audi Q3

The same combination of black and blue themes can be found on the sides of the RS Audi Q3 concept. This applies to both the strips on the door, and thresholds and caps on the wheel arches. The exterior mirrors are made of black carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), matt aluminum surround strip side windows. Spoiler drops towards the rear, the middle part is slightly narrower in relation to the exterior. Varnished it in the body color - blue Ordos, the dull blue with a small admixture of yellow.

In the rear of the vehicle, the bottom of the bumper has a sporty, angular shape. Diffuser insert connecting two large, elliptical exhaust tailpipes in typical RS design, it is far over the top. Here too the Audi designers have decided to call CFK in black and matte blue. Rear lights and additional lights placed in the bumper have been dimmed in anthracite color. They are made of clear glass.


The interior of the Audi RS Q3 concept, which enters through the glass roof is much light, dominated by the cold blackness, which is best seen in the headliner, carpets, rugs, leather lined dashboard and a substantial part leather upholstery Feinnappa. As a contrasting element, used to cover dark blue Alcantara seats.
2013 Audi Q3

Contrasting blue color was also used - in a rather unusual way - in the patterns made of CFRP. The material is woven into shiny blue glass fibers. On the sides of the steering wheel can be found made of CFRP paddle shifters, which surrounds the edges of the aluminum strip. The greater part of the steering wheel is covered with black leather Velvet. It provides a secure grip hands, preventing the deposition of dirt at the same time. Door trim is made largely of blue Alcantara.

Internal door handles made of lightweight materials, look similar to those installed in other models of RS. Replace the Chinese characters commonly used Arabic numerals rev. Q3 RS emblems adorn the instrument panel, Sitze, sills and floor mats.

Also the engine compartment has become a very sporty character. Panels with laminated carbon fiber covers the area around the five-cylinder engine with heads polakierowanymi red. The air goes into the engine by the two sides mounted vents. The covers of each cylinder spark plug was placed numbers - just as is done in the world of motorsports. Outdoor sports air filter has an aluminum housing and air intake is made of stainless steel.


A powerful 2.5 TFSI engine in the RS model Q3 concept combines two classic Audi technologies: direct gasoline injection and turbocharging. AUS 2480 cm3 capacity, erzeugt Strom 265 kW (360 hp). Car needs 5.2 seconds to accelerate from 0 An 100 km / h
The seven-speed S tronic gearbox transmits power resonant 2.5 TFSI engine for the permanent all-wheel drive quattro. Under normal traffic conditions, it shall refer almost exclusively to the front wheels.
2013 Audi Q3
Alloy wheels Audi RS Q3 concept, size 8.5 J x 20, underline the dynamic design of the RS Q. Its front part was polished to a high gloss, while the edges are sanded.
2013 Audi Q3

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