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2012 Opel Ampera - Car of The Year 2012

As announced at this point, on 5 March on the eve of the launch of the Geneva Motor Show 2012 (Public Days 8 to 18 March), one of the most coveted trophies awarded INTERNATIONAL car. In the final seven cars were fighting (see below) for the title "Car of the Year 2012". The winner was out the innovative and identical electric car Opel Ampera and Chevrolet Volt duo.

2012 Opel Ampera

Opel / Chevrolet before VW and Ford
The nominees are the total of 35 vehicles by an international jury of 59 professional sounds coming from 23 countries. They tested the car through its paces. The final decision was then made quite clear. So put the Ampera and the Volt with 330 points ahead of the Volkswagen Up! (281 points) and the Ford Focus (256 points) by.

Performance, power consumption and the winner
The front wheel of the Opel Ampera will be pure electric. A 16-kWh lithium-ion battery powers the 150-hp electric motor (370 Nm) of energy. Depending on driving style, road profile and the outside temperature can be put back with a fully charged battery distances 40-80 km purely battery-powered. But if the "juice" of the battery is empty, the driver needs unlike other electric cars, not to worry, that it stays just on the track. Because under the bonnet lies next to the electric motor and a small gasoline engine for range extension.

The combustor is activated whenever the state of charge of the battery has reached a defined minimum. Then the 86-hp 1.4-liter gasoline engine automatically starts and drives the generator to power the electric motor. According to Opel are ranges of 550 kilometers is possible. The sprint from zero to 100 km, the Ampera completed in exactly nine seconds, top speed is in favor of a longer range at 161 km / h electronically limited.

Car of the Year 2012 Standings

1 Opel Ampera/Chevy Volt -> 330 votes
2 Volkswagen up! -> 281 votes
3 Ford Focus -> 256 votes
4 Range Rover Evoque -> 186 votes
5 Fiat Panda 156 -> votes.

2012 Opel Ampera

2012 Opel Ampera

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