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2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Review

The Hyundai Veloster Turbo has now also a sportier coupe version of its innovative on the market.

2013 Hyundai Veloster

Sports coupe at Hyundai have a long tradition. With the Veloster, the Koreans have now a very slick coupe on offer, which will delight you with an innovative door system. While on the driver's side door only, there are two doors on the passenger side to allow access to the rear seats is facilitated.

The familiar Fluidic Sculpture design of the Hyundai Veloster is very good. The turbo has also not yet received a new body kit, which makes him more dynamic and beefy. Especially the rear with the integrated diffuser and the centrally positioned sports exhaust tailpipes fits very well with the sporty orientation of the Veloster Turbo.

The technicians have not trimmed the turbocharged engine to maximum power yield but at maximum torque, which should significantly increase the driving fun. Compared to the normal GDI turbo performance when 33% to 186 hp (137 kW) has been increased. The maximum torque has been increased by as much as 59% to 265 Nm, while they are willing 1500-4500 r / min.

So you have at hand a very broad power band a lot of power, and even below 1500 rpm is already powerful from the post. To savor the full power, one must naturally drift towards the red area and fully unscrew all the gears the tachometer.

2013 Hyundai Veloster

Then sprints in 8.4 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and reaches a top speed of 214 km / h The engine does its work well as a quiet, only at full speed one perceives a sonorous roar that accompanies the performance of the turbo musical.

Impressive is that the Veloster Turbo features especially at intermediate sprint across a lot of power, which can also be very lazy way switching. The manual 6-speed transmission is in fact entirely designed for thrift, and so / is called for h, the highest gear even at just over 60 km. It then rises sharply on the gas, it still comes forward very neat.

Only when overtaking, where not so much space is available, you should turn down two gears to really savor the full force can. Chassis and suspension offer a good compromise between ride comfort and sporty hardness. Compared to the normal of the Veloster Turbo is indeed running a little tighter, but still offers plenty of travel comfort.

Ever the Veloster Turbo also works extremely well for comfortable cruising and Thither proven itself to be absolutely suitable for everyday use where you do not always have the feeling that it would be able to contain his power only with great difficulty. You need the full power, but it is ready immediately.

Whoever moves the Hyundai Veloster Turbo as a sports coupe, will have to say goodbye to the average consumption of 6.9 liters specified by the factory. In our testing, we came to smooth 8.0 liter, with so much fun just going for a car in order.

2013 Hyundai Veloster interior

In addition to the sportiness of the Veloster Turbo, but also a lot of luxury and comfort. The comfortable interior not only offers plenty of room for driver and front passenger, for a car of this class provides the Veloster in the rear too much space. With 320 liter capacity and the trunk volume is large enough to even stand up to 1,015 liters of cargo space by folding down the rear seats are available.

The sporty designed interior also has many practical shelves, just like the other Hyundai models. Positive mention you have the large compartment in the lower section of the center console, where the AUX and USB ports as well as two car charging stations are housed here. Also, the material quality and processing can be seen, particularly successful is the dash cover in carbon design, which is very high quality and a very sporty touch sprayed.

The equipment itself can be described as completely over. As standard, the Veloster Turbo with ABS, ESP, six airbags, automatic climate control, leather seats with Turbo logo, Seat heating for driver and front passenger, 18 "alloy wheels, a premium audio system with a center speaker and subwoofer, a navigation system with 7" color monitor, light sensor , tire pressure control, leather steering wheel and leather gear knob, Smart Key, the Supervision fittings, electric windows, cruise control and much more.

The Veloster Turbo thus remains an affordable coupe with a top equipment and a lot of fun. With the turbo version of the Veloster has now finally so much fun, as you would expect.

2013 Hyundai Veloster

2013 Hyundai Veloster

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2014 Ford Fiesta ST Review

2014 Ford Fiesta ST offers the fastest small car in its history.

Ford Fiesta ST 2014

Since March 2013, the sportiest version of the Fiesta, the Ford Fiesta ST, available. The 182-horsepower compact cars is 20% become stronger compared to its predecessor, but it also 20% more economical way.

Fiesta ST with visual enhancements such as body styling kit in the ST design, the 17 "alloy wheels and rear spoiler in the ST design also have air conditioning, the distinctive LED daytime running lights, an audio system with radio / CD combination including Ford SYNC and Emergency Assist and electric windows, sports suspension and sports seats.

The ST package 1 (includes heated Recaro sports front seats with leather-cloth upholstery, automatic air conditioning and the Sony audio system), cruise control, the Sony navigation system, a heated windscreen, a rain sensor, the Ford Key Free System, the ST styling package and metallic paint it.

Ford Fiesta ST 2014 interior

As sporty, the Fiesta ST is from the outside, so it's sporty interior further. Equal to a fall while boarding the highly contoured sports seats with red / black upholstery and the illuminated door sill with "ST" logo. Also, the gear stick comes up with red lettering, and the grippy leather steering wheel also indicates the sportiest Fiesta version.

The seats offer fantastic grip, even with maximum cornering speed. They are also very comfortable, and you can also overcome long distances so hassle free. As the sport seats are a little wider than the normal seats, the access is to the rear for something close to but you have to live with a coupe anyway.

The boot capacity is sized properly with 290-974 liters and also allows more than just a little weekend getaway.

Ford Fiesta ST 2014

Who decides for a sports cannon such as the Fiesta ST, will but without this is not exactly see the Place offer as top priority, but rather the fun of driving, the is intended offer such a car.

Under the rakish hood of the proven 1,6 liter EcoBoost-turbo engine with an output of 182 PS is is home (134 kW), of the tidy breathes life the small car. Its maximum torque of 240 Nm delivers the motor 1600-5000 U / Min, whereby stands in an enormous performance available over a very wide speed band.

The enormous force one notices equal to on the first meters, after one has awakens the engine by start button to life and he joyfully logs in with a sonorous hum about word. On dry, straight distance of the Fiesta brings the enormous for a small car force also very good onto the street and sprints in 6.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h The top speed is at 220 km / h

Ford Fiesta ST 2014

For a perfect road location thereby ensures the new sports suspension on the ST. First time in the Fiesta-model series comes when ST the improved driving dynamics-regulation ETVC (enhanced Torque Vectoring Control) for use. You improves the steering behavior of the front Trieblers and acts if rigorous efforts cornering of an understeer, contrary, by the system when required under binds a loss of adhesion of the inner front wheel through active braking intervention.

Nevertheless you can feel upon vigorous accelerating out curves, what forces act on the wheels, and of the Fiesta has trouble, to bring the force then onto the road. But he remains thereby absolutely good-natured in every situation and is also very fast back on course.

The very direct steering additionally facilitates each steering correction and mediates a good contact to the street, even at flotte-art cornering. Impressive is with this is that of the Fiesta ST from really every gear, no matter where the tachometer is straight, an enormous power unfolding offers.

Ford Fiesta ST 2014

The manual 6-speed-gearbox is so aligned, that one can penetrate when required in the Second in high double-digit regions, but also in the 6th Transition already at 70 km / h still agile acceleration maneuvers can be graduated. This combination makes it also possible that you could can slide quite comfortably thither with the Fiesta. The noise insulation is just as good as with the other models, merely at full acceleration then pampers the motor with a very beautiful sound, of the enhances driving pleasure equal to once again.

The little dwarf force can therefore come up with the driving pleasure of a sports car, but still remains very economical. However Whoever reaches the 5.9 liters, the are specified from the factory as consumption per 100 kilometers,, of the should to seriously ask, whether it had to really be a ST, because then he has no meters savored the fun, which the trolley offers. We have come in the-section to 7.7 liters, have thereby but really maxed the driving fun in the framework of the allowed possibilities and missed no way to hear the sonorous motor sound when intermediate sprint.

The Fiesta ST unites two souls in itself: the of practical small car that can be easily whisked through the city, and those of the sports car, which reacts with a perfect landing gear right at the corner exit to the next corner. The comfortable sport seats and spacious for a car of this class trunk round the positive overall picture as well as from the very affordable entry price, with the fun factor is equal again increased.

Ford Fiesta ST 2014

2014 Jaguar C-X75 Hybrid

The development of the new Jaguar supercar goes into the final round, and the first prototypes draw their test rounds.

jaguar cx75 2014

In 2010, Jaguar has for the first time presents a study of the Jaguar C-X75 hybrid, now take the first prototype on the test track. The design of this prototype is already fit the final version, only minor adjustments could be made.

The C-X75 hybrid looks like a slightly larger F-Type and viewed from any angle looks very dynamic. But even more impressive than the design should be the driving performance of this super sports car.

jaguar cx75 2014

Jaguar has a Formula 1-inspired 1.6-liter Turbo "Supercharged" engine and two electric motors developed for hybrid sports car, which will together provide an output of 850 hp.

The 1.6 liter 4-cylinder is with a power of 502 hp, the most powerful 4-cylinder engine in the world and comes to an incredible 313 hp output per liter of.

The power of three engines enough super sports car in under 6 seconds from 0 to 100 mph (equivalent to 160 km / h) to carry. With a top speed of over 320 km / h, sporting Jaguar also has been part of the fastest cars in its class.

jaguar cx75 2014 interior

It should be very minimal due to the frequent use of the electric motors, the average consumption is up to 60 kilometers purely electrical means. On average only 89 grams CO2/Kilometer so should be expelled.

To the production version is the dealer, but it will take some time, the launch is scheduled for no earlier than 2014.

jaguar cx75 2014

jaguar cx75 2014

jaguar cx75 2014

jaguar cx75 2014

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