Saturday, October 5, 2013

New navigation services from Volkswagen

The new mobile "Car -Net " online services from Volkswagen are now available .

New navigation services from Volkswagen

Among the new services include Internet-based traffic information as well as realistic environment and panoramic views via Google Street View and Google Earth. There is also a special destination search with individual "point of interest " input (POI ) . The online services are initially offered in the Golf GTI and 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTD as an option. In the future it will also be extended to other vehicle models and expanded to other functions.

With the new application , the user can obtain accurate to the minute traffic information via the Internet , for example, its navigation. Thus, the indication of the distance to be moved periodically updates automatically, and adapts to the dynamic route guidance . The user is kept informed of traffic jams or road and is immediately diverted to alternative routes.

In addition, there is a new internet-based search function for points of interest. This allows the user now has the preset target searches for " gas stations ", " parking" or " restaurants " unlimited personal addition also start "Point of Interest " Search ( POI) . It is also possible to display targets as 360-degree panoramic view via Google Street View or route guides as photo-realistic map display based on satellite images via Google Earth. These representations contribute to a better orientation for unfamiliar users.

To use the new mobile online services , the user needs in connection with any of the above two models , the navigation system Discover " Pro" and the mobile phone preparation "Premium" . Another prerequisite is a Bluetooth -enabled mobile phone with a "remote SIM Access Profile " ( rSAP ) or a SIM card with data option . Phone and vehicle are interconnected, the online services can be used in full.

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