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2013 Toyota GT 86 Review

At Toyota sports coupes have a long tradition in 1970 came up with the first-generation Celica an affordable sports coupe on the market, which was always crisp in the course of his seven generations. When in 2005 the production of the 7th Generation Celica was discontinued, it was provisionally with the sporty Toyota to end, because the smaller the MR2 and Supra were stronger no longer available at this time.

Toyota GT 86 2013

In 2012, Toyota has also reminded his athletic genes and associated with the new Toyota GT 86 is a new sports coupe on the market, which will make all previous generations of Celica in the shade with driving pleasure and performance. A 2.0-liter boxer engine with 200 hp (147 kW), in combination with rear-wheel drive and a very low center of gravity has to paper for a lot of driving fun, the crisp optics also contributes visually to the fact that the GT 86 looks already in the state quickly.

The whole thing there, including a more than ample standard equipment. Since then besides ABS, ESP and seven airbags also have fine sport seats, Xenon headlights, a 2-zone climate control, cruise control, radio system including a 6.1 "touchscreen, a keyless entry and start system and 17" alloy wheels on board.

Toyota GT 86 2013 interior

Thus, the sporty GT 86 are from outside so athletic, it is also further in the interior. Toyota has tried here clearly that the GT 86 despite favorable price has an ambience that gives the driver the sportiness in the interior of the car. In addition to the extremely comfortable sport seats a sting at first many inserts in carbon design and red trim in the eye. The grippy leather sports steering wheel and the short shifting stick are also useful ingredients for a sporty mix.

The center console, has a very tidy and also offers some toggle switches for the climate control and a rimmed with chrome start button. Also completely tuned for sportiness are the fittings where the tachometer is placed prominently in the middle and color different from the rest of the fittings. A digital speedometer is also included on security in the tachometer because the scale is down quite small analog speedometer.

Driver and passenger of the 425.5 cm-long coupe can also appreciate a lot of space. Although the GT is 86 can train for four, the rear seats are up to carry small children on short trips. The boot capacity is 243 liters also rather modest, but two trolleys fit comfortably through the narrow hatch. In addition, the space is not just the race on which you should measure such a sports coupe.

Toyota GT 86 2013 interior

Here is much more important to evaluate the driving pleasure, which the 2.0-liter boxer engine promises on paper before. The sprint from 0 to 100 km / h, then also completed 7.6 seconds and the top speed is 226 km / h Even if these values ​​now may not throw any of the stool, thus offering the GT 86 while driving a lot of joy.

Immediately after pressing the start button you will be greeted by a resonant engine sound that gives you that 200 horses waiting here to free wheel.

The manual 6-speed transmission can be crisp and turn over short distances, so pure in this point sports car feeling is conveyed. The programs themselves are designed so that you can be both economical way, and very dynamic. So you can comfortably in the 6th Speed ​​at 80 km / h over the sliding tangent, or the 2 Transition to cracking the 100 km / h mark unscrew.

Toyota GT 86 2013

Its maximum torque of 209 Nm, the engine without this until 6400-6600 rev / min are available. The higher you drive the needle of the rev counter, the rich is also the sound. The perfect weight distribution and a low center of gravity make it the car felt perfect in every situation.

On dry roads, the borders are broad interpretation, and the GT 86 is easy to persuade them to drift, especially when the ESP is switched off or switched to Sport mode. The driver immediately feels like every little attempt to break out of the stern, and can comfortably take corrective measures to bring the GT 86 back on track.

With great caution, the Toyota GT 86 but to enjoy in the wet. Here it shows very well how much power is transmitted to the rear axle, and bringing the car quickly with ESP switched on to the fact that you get visual contact with his own tail.

Especially inexperienced drivers should be careful here and the life of its own, which the GT 86 wants to live in the wet like not underestimate. Who adapt his driving style to the weather conditions, but will also have no problems and can see the GT 86 as a companion for everyday use.

Toyota GT 86 2013

Long distances are quite possible, even if the chassis and suspension are of course completely tuned for sportiness and the car tells the driver like the failures of road maintenance. Due to the design is of course the clarity, not the best, especially the back view falls through the small window areas difficult.

We were surprised by the consumption of GT 86 Specified by the factory 7.8 liters are in subdued foot gas well within reach, has the GT86 with about 8.2 liters satisfied, and we can have here quite often march to the tachometer red zone in the direction to enjoy the fun of driving.

With the GT86 Toyota has made ​​a very interesting sport coupe on the wheels anyway. He not only offers a sporty look inside and out, he is also an athlete through and through. The engine provides not only fun to ride, but also a wonderful sound and is quite economical. The nice thing is that the GT 86 is thereby remained affordable despite very good facilities and thus is a more than worthy successor to the Celica.

Toyota GT 86 2013

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