Friday, May 3, 2013

2013 Nissan Friend-Me Concept

A futuristic concept sedan Nissan has now unveiled the 2013 Nissan Friend-ME at the Auto Shanghai.

Nissan Friend-Me 2013 new

The four-seater Nissan Friend-ME is aimed at a younger generation with a new automobile understanding. With a sheet metal dress bold flowing lines, the study wants to stand in the bright lights of the city.

The Nissan Friend-ME has a global approach, but is in particular the so-called Balinghou - the 240 million Chinese who were born in the 1980s - to address. This lively young buyers who is now in his twenties, is one of the most important target groups in the world's largest auto market. "Your taste will put the car trends for the next decades," says Francois Bacon, Division General Manager of Product Strategy at Nissan. As a generation that grew up without siblings, she appreciates the time spent with friends - and here is where the new concept car.

Nissan Friend-Me 2013 new

The design emphasizes the athletic confident character. Through a wide track with a short front and rear overhang, the study has deliberately aggressive and sportier than comparable sedans. The energetic, flowing dynamic range of the Nissan typical V-shaped grille over the hood to the vehicle edge and creates an emotional aura. The headlights and taillights give boomerang shape dynamics. Harmony generate the thin seemingly floating roof and the distinctive shape of the C-pillars. The exterior color "Neon Grey" - designed to appeal to tech-savvy youth - comes in the night to their best advantage.

Nissan Friend-Me 2013 new interior

The interior creates a unique high-tech environment for four people, which includes all inmates equally in the interaction. A new center console extends from the dashboard to the rear and provides all passengers with lots of information. Screens are visible from every seat, nestled into the surface and are only noticed when they are active. Anyone who finds such interesting content on their smartphone, it can be transferred to the on-board screens and then share with others.

The concept car is based on the existing architecture of Nissan sedans and requires only a few additional components. The Nissan Friend-ME provided, efficient Pure Drive hybrid drive would have for the urban transport fuel in abundance. The study resulted from a collaboration between the Chinese and the global Nissan design team led by Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer.

Nissan Friend-Me 2013 new

Nissan Friend-Me 2013 new

Nissan Friend-Me 2013 new

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