Thursday, May 10, 2012

2013 Lexus GS

The experience of driving a new Lexus GS is the combination of measures to suspension, brakes, assistance systems even sportier and more enjoyable. The driver has the choice of the ECO, NORMAL and SPORT S mode. GS models, the adaptive variable suspension with AVS have to offer, beyond even the S SPORT + mode. Thanks to this choice, the driver can choose according to his personal driving style and the prevailing road and traffic conditions to their corresponding mode.
2013 lexus gs
In ECO mode, which supports a more efficient and environmentally friendly mode of operation is effected by controlling the throttle outstandingly smooth power delivery of the drive. In addition, the automatic climate control in this mode minimizes its energy consumption by activated at temperatures above 20 ° C in air circulation and reduces the air flow rate at the highest level of fan. The ECO mode is activated by the switch from the standard NORMAL turns to the left. The lighting instrument in this case takes on a blue color.
If you turn the selector to the right, the Sport mode activated and the S
Instrument lighting turns red in this mode, which is a more committed and sporty driving style, the new GS accelerates even faster. This is the hybrid drive with a more sensitive response of the drive made to the accelerator, while reduced in models with a conventional drive, the switching times of the automatic transmission.

In Lexus GS models with AVS activates a further rotation of the selector switch to the right the S SPORT + mode, which controls the adaptive variable suspension AVS and the EPS electric power steering so that they support a sporty driving style. In GS models feature the new Lexus Dynamic Handling System equipped LDH, the same applies to the control of the variable steering ratio and active rear wheel steering VGRS DRS.
2013 lexus gs

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