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2013 Opel Astra H

That is the Opel Astra H never managed to seriously at the throne of the bestseller VW Golf wobble, has little to do with his own qualities. Rather, suffered the 2004-2010 built compact always the bad reputation of his two predecessors. Wrongly. On the used car market, the Astra is a safe choice - and relatively cheap.
2013 Opel Astra H
2013 Opel Astra H

Body and interior
The Astra is a classic compact. Unagitated, but great design is paired with a good space, and everyday practical virtues of a well-stocked range of engines and equipment options. Five body styles to choose from: The all-rounder believes the five-door, family choose the sporty three-door with the surname appearing GTC, who will need the right place, in the large cluster "Caravan", the perfect companion. There is also the steel roof convertible "Twin Top" and as an exotic saloon. The cockpit has all the models from today's optical particularly the caravan was already popular as a company car view something old, materials and workmanship are very solid, so that even high performance are likely to leave little trace.

2013 Opel Astra H

The engine program is comprehensive and lists over the years as many as 22 different engines and engine versions. Who wants a gasoline unit, even with the 1.6-liter engine with 105 hp (later 115 hp) is sufficiently fast on the spot, it's really fast with the 103 kW/140 hp 1.8-liter engine. Who wants to compete at the lights against the Volkswagen GTI from a competitor, the 2.0-liter turbo dials with up to 177 kW/240 hp. Much more economical and torquey diesel also go to work. Money saving tip is provided by the assigned Fiat 1.9-liter engine that has been sufficient in the version with 74 kW/100 hp motor. Trouble making the Astra engines rather rare. When buying used, however, should be taken to a timing belt replacement were performed, and also when changing the oil may not have been the Astra 2007geschlampt after the facelift. Caution is advised, however, from the many offered diesel vehicles with subsequent chip tuning - there increased risk of wear on the turbo.

Landing gear
Opel's compact, especially the combination is often moved over long distances. Accordingly, the strain on suspension. The TÜV-statistics, the Astra still cuts off the bottom line is good. Typically, however, worn out tie rod ends and steering gears are also often show wear - a test drive is therefore a must. Especially when ridden down a company car as caution - because in general, among many ordinary copies are also numerous examples of unkempt Astra to find on the market.
2013 Opel Astra H

Equipment and safety
Six airbags and stability control are standard on the Astra. In the EuroNCAP crash test section, the model in terms of occupant protection as well, including the children's safety was convincing. Overall, it was enough to loose maximum rating of five stars. The trim levels of the compacts are numerous and complex. Always on board, however, were forward including power steering, the three-door Astra GTC with panorama windshield optional central locking and electric windows. In addition, three-door parking sensors included as standard.

The 2013 Astra H Opel has made a quantum leap. Some standard problems, Euro NCAP knows yet. Trouble due to corroded mass points about making the electronics more frequently, even loss of oil is an issue. Who wants to buy a copy with air conditioning, should definitely check the function, there are also leaky hoses or even defective compressors with known weaknesses.
2013 Opel Astra H

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