Thursday, June 14, 2012

2013 Ferrari California

He is the golden boy with the super sports car, because really the 2013 Ferrari California was not yet removed the necessary sharpness. Sure, the 4.3 liter V8 engine had 460 hp with its beautiful always enough steam, and with a top speed of 310 km / h can be the most open Porsche or Mercedes loosely behind.

Ferrari California 2013

But the smell rather than brutally honest Beau drawn from the pen of veteran Pininfarina the PS-purists with its luxurious ambience and the retractable hardtop, too much consumption and too little for rubber. But not anymore. Because half of the term, the Italians have the pretty boy again sent to bodybuilding and issued a storm warning on the sunbed.

Ferrari California 2013 interior

More power and less weight
The basic idea of ​​the care model, which takes place in the design was hardly any rainfall, more power and less weight. Go get the engineers in Maranello, the now eight-cylinder 30 hp more and the torque curve also Lupfen to 505 Nm, whilst at the same time they have saved 30 kg. The difference can be felt on the road, but barely, but you can read about it in the data sheet. Accordingly, creates the California to sprint from zero to now h in 3.8 seconds and reaches a maximum of 312 km /

Ferrari California 2013

The main change
The most important change, however, can be found on the list of options that might be involved primarily changes to the software. But the Roadster gets the two tiny auxiliary seats in the rear Sun actually a different character. The steering is noticeably more direct, and the electromagnetically adjustable suspension proves that hardness which has so far lacked the purists.

Now you can with the ferrari California actually ride on the edge through tight turns and enjoy winding roads with that mixture of gasoline and adrenaline, the sports car is so special: Willig follows the athletes of the course, loud roars of the engine's ode attention to performance and is the car on the road when the legendary Manettino is in the position of sports. The comfort remains of course a good bit more on the way. You need both hands on the wheel and not left on the inadequacy of road in the dark.

Nevertheless, the golden boy has not lost its charm. Because when you switch back to the comfort mode, the V8 does not sound just quieter and the gear or come on. But the fighter becomes a glider, you can stroll the streets along the coast to relish.

Although Ferrari California has the handling package noticeably gained focus and now so is like spicy penne al'Arrabiata, he has cars like a BMW M6 convertible or a Mercedes SL 63 AMG closer than a Lamborghini Gallardo. But so can the Scuderia live well. Who is still sharper and more pointed, needs which the Italians eventually sell since last year, the F 458 Italia.

Ferrari California 2013

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