Thursday, June 21, 2012

2013 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

The third-generation Mercedes M-Class was launched in September 2011 on the market. Now Mercedes ML 500 4Matic completed with the BlueEFFICIENCY (BE) the offer. In addition, the premium SUV has been supplemented by a further equipment details.

2013 mercedes m class
2013 mercedes m class

The new ML 500 engineers to apply the downsizing principle currently so popular. For instance the aggregate of less displacement (4663 instead of 5461 cm3), but does charge more, thanks. In standard usage, the new model, the consumption of its predecessor by offering 16 percent. These also carry the ECO start-stop function, the seven-speed automatic "7G-Tronic Plus" in, reibleistungsminimierte axle gears, the electric power steering, optimized belt drive and on-demand control of ancillary units. Depending on the tire size of the fuel consumption is 11.5 liters per at 11 to 100 kilometers (258 - 269g of CO2/km). In practice, it will probably be a little more.

2013 mercedes m class

Impressive performance
The direct-injection V8 engine now delivers 408 hp (previously 388 hp). The torque increases from 530 to 600 Newton meters and is now starting already at 1600 rpm. Thus equipped, the four-wheel drive heavy storms into stunning 5.6 seconds from standing start to 100 The top speed is electronically limited top model as the ML 63 AMG with 250 km / h electronically.

New equipment features
Among the new equipment details will benefit all classes of the model M-2013. Thus, for example, the active safety of a standard collision warning (CPA), including increased adaptive brake assist. Furthermore, new alloy wheels (19 to 21 inches), new exterior colors (Cavansitblau or vermilion) and an active parking assist is available. The latter actively seeks a suitable parking and accepts when entering or leaving a parking space the steering working. Another convenience option, the Power Connect - a system, the doors and tailgate lock automatically at the end position attracts.

2013 mercedes m class interior

Other highlights include massage seats with cooling function, a high-resolution TFT display between the instrument dials, automatic vehicle emergency call (only in conjunction with command line) as well as a 1,200 watt surround sound system from Bang & Olufsen. Unfortunately, these useful options are quite expensive. This is one of the M-Class has not just to house the automotive promotions. Therefore, customers have also grown up a safe, technically upgraded vehicle, providing ample space and comfort. On top of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class is extremely stable in value.

Off to the land
Who actually slide into the area with the noble will come on On and off-road package (underrun protection, more ground clearance, 600 mm fording depth, etc.) a must. It is expected to increase with its six driving modes, the driving dynamics and safety on and off the paved road.

2013 mercedes m class

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