Monday, May 10, 2010

GMC Granite Concept

Lisa Hutchinson, director of product marketing for the GMC describes as an urban utility vehicle granite that lay next generations of customers who value design and functionality to address is. Young Professionals was in the process, the target group.

More than just opposite
Immediately catch your eye are the doors opening in opposite directions. This in itself is not spectacular, but this principle is almost a standard Concepts. But one thing is still different: The Granite engineers have dispensed with the B-pillar. And that has not only a visual but also a practical effect. Both passenger and rear seat can be folded toward the center console. Thus a loading bulky cargo as is with a mountain bike that literally in pieces eingestelltDetroit 2010: GMC Granite Concept - can be new compact from overseas, anything in the way. Ample storage space and compartments for all sorts of odds and ends can also be the little things in life go away with.

A turbocharged 1.4-liter engine from the GM series verbauchsoptimierter four-cylinder engines with small displacement drives the Granite concept in conjunction with an advanced 6-speed automatic transmission.
The wheelbase is 2631 mm, the total length of 4097 mm. In width to the Granite extends over 1786 mm in height over 1536 mm. The compact dimensions - the VW Golf VI measures 4210 mm - make it easy to maneuver in urban environments. From producer side is heard, that the preferred area of ​​application of the Granite trips with friends to clubs or recreational activities, as wood or even composing Transport.

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