Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nissan X-Trail SUV

Nissan X-Trail SUV's treated to a facelift. The most noticeable design changes affect the front end, where the radiator grille, headlights and bumpers have been redesigned. The grille preserved as a typical hallmark of the Nissan SUV models, the two angled struts, but is now on the front bumper. This affects the whole front end unified and coherent than before. The lower part of the bumper is aligned to the outside, giving the vehicle so that a broader and firmer appearance. The revised Nissan X-TRAIL is available from September 2010.

nissan x-trail

Lighting conditions
The headlamp units are slimmer and executed technical than before. Depending on the equipment are halogen or xenon projection headlamps and halogen parabolic beam is used. The flashing light will remain in the light units integrated and positioned above the headlight. The background is kept in the basic facilities available in silver, in the middle and upper line in black. The fog lamps are recessed into the bumper while the rear arbeiten.Nissan continue vertically arranged units for rear and brake lights now with LED technology donated X-Trail a facelift

Wheel design
The wheels are now the size 225/55/18. Another new feature is the double five-spoke 17-inch wheels.

New Dimensions
The redesign of the front end resulted in an increase in length of ten millimeters, while the change of tire width and diameter of vehicle height and width have also led to an increase of ten millimeters.

In the interior, and higher quality materials to achieve better color balance for a total of more harmonious atmosphere. The cloth seats donated Nissan X-Trail a facelift thicker soft-touch materials were selected, while the optional leather interior premium character shows.

The driver benefits from the better-read instrument cluster with larger and clearer display for engine speed and vehicle speed. Between these two displays, a new on-board computer with a black and white display, the driver with a number of useful

Information supplied.
The newly shaped front seat occupants in the rear have won ten millimeters additional knee room without compromising the front passengers must reach the seat comfort. The cover of the loading area consists of more robust material. This all fits in the glove compartment that cools the beverage is stored at the request or warm. Future is in the back seat, an optional two-stage seat heating for the X-Trail Verf├╝gung.Nissan donated a facelift

Reversing Camera
The revised Japanese is the first vehicle manufacturer with an optional rear view camera in the rearview mirror.

Manual transmission
The manual gearbox with a modified translation offers an ideal compromise between acceleration performance and efficiency. A new shift in the recommendation of the onboard computer display alerts the driver at the appropriate time to change gear. When the automatic transmission friction was reduced.

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