Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2025 BMW ePatrol Concept

As part of the Design Challenge at the LA Auto Show BMW shows the ePatrol how it views the Police Car of the Year will look 2025th. Called 2025 BMW ePatrol.

BMW ePatrol 2025

The Design Challenge 2012 as part of the Auto Show in Los Angeles, has the theme "Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025", and so, too, BMW has taken his thoughts, like a police car might look in the future.

Compared to Mercedes Ener-G-Force Concept that will also show look like a G-Class in 2025, could have the BMW designers have no guidelines and their imaginations run wild.

The result is an extremely futuristic mix of cars, motorbikes and robots that could play in any science fiction movie a major role when it comes to getting around in 2025.

Likewise, the shape is futuristic as the drive system, which relies on a purely alternative energy supply and is powered by a magnetic drive.

The "FPU" (Flying Pursuit Unit), a kind of drone, which is housed in the roof and remotely to start the manhunt is it still the most realistic for 2025 feature on BMW ePatrol.

BMW ePatrol 2025 interior

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