Saturday, June 29, 2013

Honda Odyssey 2014

The Honda Odyssey gets a facelift for the new model year and is the first car with built-in vacuum cleaner.

Honda Odyssey 2014
Honda Odyssey 2014

With the Odyssey Honda has a spacious van in the U.S. model program that appeals especially to many families with plenty of space and good facilities.

For the new model year, Honda has the practical Van slightly revised and made even more exclusive. Visually recognize the 2014 models in a slightly modified front-end design and new rear lights in LED technology.

Inside, customers will find an even more luxurious ambiance and a new radio unit with touchscreen display. Also available is a collision warning system and a lane departure warning.

Honda Odyssey 2014 interior

With the Honda Odyssey Touring Elite also has a new top model in the range. A higher-quality equipment, including satellite radio and new fabrics characterize the model.

As a special highlight, the Odyssey Touring Elite also equipped with a standard vacuum cleaner with on board. This is located in the side storage compartment in the boot and makes it, again nice suck the car, no matter where you are.

Below the opening for the hose receptacle including a filter is placed, which can be taken out and emptied easily. A really handy feature, which really makes sense also for a family van.

In North America, the redesigned Odyssey will come on the market in the summer of 2013.

Honda Odyssey 2014

Honda Odyssey 2014

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