Sunday, July 18, 2010

2013 Toyota RAV4 Review

Toyota RAV4 is now also trimmed'' on'' Optimal Drive.
The Toyota RAV4 is about the environment of Ford Mondeo, Opel Antara, VW Tiguan, Renault Koleos, or on the go. The third generation of the compact SUV from the Japanese.

Toyota RAV4

With 450 - to 1752-liter luggage compartment
In three facilities, Toyota offers an updated edition. The standard package is quite extensive fitted, not least in terms of security. Toyota RAV4: The front has advanced to the facelift. The five-door car pulls up well made and for his class befitting Seeming. Lots of space is even available in the rear. Fit into the storage compartment at the end after 450 high into the roof with recessed rear seat more than 1750 liters of luggage. Practically, the 63-liter storage compartment is in the subsoil. The operation is generally easy.

With all-wheel for moderately difficult terrain
Can suitable with a view to some angles of approach and up to 19 inches of ground clearance depending on the variant most 1.5 to 1.7 tons RAV4, which loads up to 2000 pounds to take the hook, even for moderately difficult terrain. he is to have with activated wheel, where the electronics automatically adjusts the torque distribution between front and rear axle.

More efficient combustion Toyota RAV4: side view of the driver side.
Also called Toyota Optimal Drive fuel-saving technology on board. Behind this there are relatively compact, relatively lightweight, very low friction and therefore more efficient engines and transmissions. Interested in technology: For instance provides about the VVT ​​system that can breathe the only petrol with variable valve timing and valve lift adjustment of the better, for more efficient combustion and power output with lower fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. Similarly, the two turbo-diesel, where the fuel is injected under high pressure even more precisely and are ejected at peak compression-ignition engine in addition to soot even less nitrogen oxide particles.

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