Saturday, July 24, 2010

H & R Porsche Panamera 4 V6

With the Panamera, Porsche is once again setting standards in the luxury car class. - Also in the chassis. - A challenge that was from the H & R engineers gladly accepted. The result of the complex development work is a set of springs, of the four-door and four-wheel V6 brings you closer with conventional suspension, approximately 35 millimeters on the tarmac.
H & R Porsche Panamera 4 V6

The basic characteristics of the elegant and classic lines are accented with the Dynamis ierungspaket without diluting the overall concept of designerische luxury sedan. Even the ride spring kit could be made dynamic by several shades with the H & R. - Of course without the comforts of upper-class athlete to significantly schmälern. H & R Porsche Panamera four-wheel-drive V6: Sports car dynamics in the luxury-class sedan. In brief, the air-sprung versions using the H & R ETS is lowered.

Another highlight can be set with high strength aluminum alloy produced H & R TRAK + wheel spacers. The small gap between the tire shoulder and edge of the wing can be so visually perfected, which results in a more powerful appearance of the effect of the sedan.

The H & R program - available for over 1,350 different types of vehicles - is available in good bookstores and along with the usual H & R quality, always has an ABE or TÜV parts certificate.

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