Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Peugeot 5008 Review

Framed by the long triangular headlights shows the Peugeot 5008 with clenched lips a slightly cooler pouting face. The gentle rise in the windshield is optional panoramic roof, which stretched up to the second row of seats, even the rear passengers are free to look to the heavens.
peugeot 5008

Relatively unspectacular are the well-contoured and also suitable for long-range front seats that give the driver a good view of traffic ahead. An additional (second) rear view mirror allows the children in the rear at all times to keep in mind. Centered drivers are self-explanatory controls. Conveniently located on the center console is wide and high the shift lever.

Seating and storage options
Through rear doors that soar into tight parking spaces dangerously far, the passengers get into the second row. Three individual seats, each with Isofix attachments are ideal for the support of the children who find pockets and small tables in the front seat storage space for games and stuffed animals. In another floor, small pockets are integrated.

Adults can also easily take place, however, must be displaced by 13 inches seats are then pushed back in order to have enough leg room. The three side by side it is small for corpulent people. The retractable floor in positions six and seven are of course only suitable for shorter people up to 1.75 meters tall.

Great is the cargo space, hiding behind the wide-opening tailgate. Seven of the trunk is sufficient for even one or two small bags, a five-seater up to 679 liters of luggage stowed. Bulky goods can be transported as soon as the second-row seats are folded - it creates a virtually flat surface. If the back is folded down the front passenger seat, can fit up to 2.76 meters long objects in the car. The 60 centimeter high loading lip makes loading without a twinge in his back.

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