Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2013 Opel Adam

Love at first sight? The 2013 Opel Adam to small and subcompact cars are in vogue and are just among the young, urban population and lifestyle accessories. Gone are the days when a small car just needed to be practical and inexpensive, because today is a small car and a lot more than just vile means of transportation such as in the case of Opel Adam.

Opel Adam 2013

More emotion, more lifestyle - the new Adam Opel

Mini and Fiat 500 have set the bar high and are regarded as ancestors of all modern, chic small cars. Opel now also runs on the new model and presented Adam with the small car a car with style, which aims primarily to a youthful clientele. Unlike Mini and Fiat 500, the Adam, however, can not benefit from an ancestral cult, but has to fend for themselves by courting the favor of buyers.

Opel Adam 2013 interior

The vehicle category is the 2013 Adam shows its round and cuddly side. Despite all the cuteness of the designers have endowed him a cheeky look that can still speculate on some pepper under the hood. The body looks modern and is due to paint colorful, two-tone if desired, adjust all your personal needs. Rims in the paddle-wheel design and LED daytime running lights give the little Opel a corresponding luxury touch, which continues in the interior seamlessly. Even there it goes to two colors on request, further enhanced by chrome elements and a number of high-quality details such as a leather steering wheel. Extras such as parking assist and blind spot warning comes from the premium class and raise the Opel Adam apart from its competitors. An infotainment system will enable passengers to access the Internet and also provides for otherwise all-round entertainment. Three equipment packages, Jam, Glam Slam, and are available from sporty to elegant, and have each a different focus.

At the start of the Opel Adam offers three petrol engines with a power 70-100 hp. These can be combined with the EcoFlex package that includes, among other things, a start-stop system. As of 2014, Adam will be delivered with a modern three-cylinder engine. The new Opel Adam will be available in early 2013. So far no official prices are known.

Opel Adam 2013

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