Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2013 New Mazda6

On 29 August celebrate the 2013 new Mazda6 its world premiere at the Moscow Motor Show 2012 Already there are early photos.

New Mazda6 2013

Visually you can see at the first teaser photos, the relationship to the concept car Takeri. The new Mazda6 has retained the dynamic lines and muscular appearance of the concept cars.

According to the Mazda CX-5 is the Mazda 6, the second model of the Japanese brand, which has implemented the new design line and also the Skyactive-building plan. The Skyactive engines and transmissions, the new Mazda 6 is not only move very Sporty but also very thrifty.

New Mazda6 2013

During the development we have also a lot of emphasis on a spacious interior, which also shows in a completely new design and offer plenty of space and comfort.

First used is "i-ELOOP" - a system that wins braking energy, stores, and used for the operation of air conditioning or audio system. So shall the consumption can be further reduced and the new Mazda 6 is the flagship model in environmental performance will be.

For the first time to see the new Mazda6 at the Moscow Motor Show will be the end of August, in Western Europe will be the new mid-size Mazda then look at the Paris Motor Show. Market launch will end 2012/Anfang 2013.

New Mazda6 2013

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