Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2013 New Honda CR-V

Since its debut in 1995, the Honda CR-V is sold in over 160 countries over five million copies. On 3 November rolls manufactured in the UK fourth generation in the trade. The 2013 Honda CR-V appears more compact: It is 4565 millimeters by five millimeters become shorter than its predecessor, the height shrank by as much as 30 to 1790 mm. However, the newcomer will offer more interior space for passengers and luggage. The storage volume in the trunk grows from 589 to 1,669 liters, while the latter value increases to 147 liters compared to its predecessor. The spatial extension can be done thanks to the "Easy-Fold-Down" system according to the manufacturer with a single handle.

New Honda crv 2013

Otto, now with 155 hp
Under the hood of the new Honda SUV uses either a two-liter i-VTEC gasoline engine or a 2.2-liter diesel iDTEC. The output of a petrol engine has been increased from 150 to 155 hp and torque to 192 Newton-meter by two. Despite the power increase, CO2 emissions are the models with manual transmission at 173 instead of getting 192 grams per kilometer and the automatic version at 175 instead of 195 grams, the models with manual transmission is now also a start-stop function at the factory.

Gasoline for the first time with front-wheel drive
Power and torque of the diesel remains at 150 hp and 350 Newton meters, but the CO2 emissions are in the variant with manual transmission by twelve percent from 171 to 149 grams per kilometer, and in models with five-speed automatic transmission from 195 down to 174 grams. The petrol models are also available for the first time with front-wheel drive. The new version emits 168 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

New Honda crv 2013

Econ mode and Eco-Assist
All Honda CR-V now get the Econ mode and Eco Assist as fuel-saving helpers. Upon activation of the Econ-switch to fit the throttle and the air conditioner automatically in order to minimize fuel consumption. The Eco Assist provides the driver using the ambient lighting of the speedometer, as his driving style affects fuel consumption.

All-wheel drive brought up to date
Revised is also the all-wheel drive. The new, electronically activated "Real Time All Wheel Drive system" should now react faster to a loss of traction. It has been compared to the previous hydraulically activated by 17 percent lighter, the internal friction was reduced by 59 percent. Thus, the system should contribute to lower fuel consumption.

New Honda crv 2013

Collision warning system in case of emergency braking
The assistance systems in the new Honda CR-V 2013, the VSA electronic stability program and the Advanced Driver Assist System by Honda (ADAS). This is a combination of an active lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and collision warning system that warns of an impending accident, and even slow down to minimize the impact. For the first time is also the Emergency Stop System (ESS) is used, which automatically activates during emergency braking the hazard lights.

Mitigate whiplash
If this does happen to crash into the front seats, a system to mitigate whiplash is integrated. For safety and to enable the development of Honda's ACE Body Structure (Advanced Compatibility Engineering) contribute. It improves occupant protection by the impact forces wegleitet the accident from the passenger compartment.

No prices released
The prices, Honda has not yet been addressed, they will be announced at a later date.

New Honda crv 2013

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