Monday, September 17, 2012

2013 Fiat Panda Natural Power

At the Paris Motor Show, Fiat presented the 2013 Panda Natural Power the first two - cylinder turbo powered by natural gas.

Fiat Panda Natural Power 2013

One year after its premiere at the IAA enhanced the Fiat Panda model range by two models. In addition to the Panda 4x4 is also the first time the little Italian with the 0.9 liter TwinAir Turbo in combination with natural gas.

The 80 hp 2-cylinder turbo engine will offer this much driving fun with low consumption. On average, the Fiat Panda Natural Power with 3.1 kilograms of natural gas per 100 kilometers, equating to CO2 emissions of just 86 g / km.

To extend the range, the gas-panda only has a 12 kg synthesis gas tank also a 35 liter fuel tank. So is also a progress in areas where there is no natural gas service stations, guaranteed.

To the dealers of the Panda Natural Power will come in early 2013 and Panda models expand to an economical model.

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