Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2014 Infiniti LE Concept

At the Paris Motor Show, celebrating the 2014 Infiniti LE Concept, wander from the familiar Infiniti models, its European premiere.

Infiniti LE Concept 2014

Zero-emission driving pleasure in a compact sedan with its eye-catching Warranty: Infiniti takes with all-electric LE Concept in Paris with the promise that in the period of about two years, a zero-emission vehicle in selected countries to bring to market.

The standard model assumes not only the advanced drive system for the Infiniti LE concept. Most of his characteristic design elements also remains, but the entire car should radiate through and through dynamic luxury. Even the sophisticated interior and user-friendly technologies are planned for the series - including the innovative wireless charging system.

Infiniti LE Concept 2014 interior

The revolutionary design of the four-door cleverly combined with dynamic elegance by striking Infiniti elements are linked with completely new design approaches. The proportions are balanced, the high tail supports the feeling of fluid movement. On the front end, you meet the distinctive grille featuring the unique Infiniti double sheet. Behind the effect richly illuminated emblem hides the charging port for the energy storage. The headlights and taillights with LED technology reflect the design guidelines recently Infiniti's concept car, as well as the C-pillar into crescent shape and strong shoulders.

Concept is powered by a LE 134 hp (100 kW) electric motor, which is from the start a torque of 325 Nm, enabling a range of 160 km. In boost mode, 80% of the large 24 kWh battery in just 30 minutes again be full of energy.

Nor is approximately 470 cm long Infiniti LE Concept, a study, but already in 2014, the electric car on the market.

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