Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 Kia Provo Concept

Kia will show at the Geneva Motor Show with the 2013 Kia Provo Concept study of a small sports coupe.

Kia Provo new 2013

The Korean manufacturer Kia has in recent years renewed its range dramatically. In the future, additional model lines will be added, with the Concept Car "Provo", the Koreans now show a small sports coupe.

With a length of only 388 cm of Provo is located in the B segment and fully trimmed for sportiness. The design looks like a very beefy, especially the front view has the potential to clear the left lane of the highway freely.

The two-tone paintwork underlines the dynamic character of the little Kia continues. The silver and orange blend it well and give the Provo an outstanding expression.

Kia Provo new 2013 interior

Design is very sporty and the interior, which is equipped with two sports seats and lots of decorative inlays in carbon look. The reduction to the essentials and a handy, small sports steering wheel round out the new design of interior design continues to decrease.

So that little Kia looks not only fast, but it is also, Kia has fitted the Provo with a hybrid drive. A 1.6-liter GDI turbo gasoline engine with 204 hp, assisted by an electric motor whose power is 45 hp.

Kia Provo new 2013

During the gasoline engine drives the front axle, the power of the electric motor is fed to the rear axle. For instance, the Provo a "smart 4WD" drive. At low speeds, the Provo is even purely electric way.

Is first switched on a new dual-clutch transmission with seven speeds, a first for Kia. Although Kia currently precludes mass production of Provo, some elements of which will be sure to find in the next Kia models, especially the new automatic.

Kia Provo new 2013

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