Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 Toyota FT-86 Open Concept

With the 2013 Toyota FT-86 Concept, Toyota Open shows in Geneva a near-convertible version of the GT-86.

Toyota FT-86 2013

The GT-86 was one of the car-do in 2012. Toyota is the sporty coupe returned to the segment of affordable sports car back.

Front-engine, rear-wheel drive in combination with a low center of gravity, the coupĂ© provides enjoyable driving experience. With the Toyota FT-86 Concept shows open in the Geneva Motor Show, what the convertible version of the sporty model could.

Instead of a fixed roof, the convertible has a lightweight fabric top, whereby the focus is further reduced. The technical basis is exactly the same but with the coupe, the 200 hp should be sufficient for the convertible.

Although the FT-86 Concept will be presented as open study, it is conceivable, even without changes in the series and will probably enrich the convertible season 2014th.

Toyota FT-86 2013

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