Friday, June 18, 2010

Maserati Convertible

Sporty design
The extremely sporty design is a hallmark of the topless streaker. Bold drops off the hood, the tall, deep-set grille with the Trident logo of the brand reaches into the front skirt and seems to touch the asphalt want to - Maserati Convertible: topless with Italian, the first sign of the high-powered engine, which is hidden under the hood. This impression is reinforced by the three small slits radiator mounted behind the front wheel arches. Striking at the small rear spoiler lip and rear diffuser, double exhaust tailpipes left and right are provide a beguiling sound.
maserati gran cabrio

Transformation from a closed to an open vehicle
It emphasizes the sporty appearance but also by the soft top. It also keeps the weight gain compared to a metal folding roof is limited. The curb weight is still at a superb 1980 kg. By pressing a button, the transformation is from the closed to an open vehicle fully completed within 28 seconds. Every four seconds pass for the high-or shut down the window, 20 seconds while the elaborate folding of the fabric hood, which still is possible to pace 30th

Elegant interior
Through two large doors, passengers get into the interior. Designed with contrasting colors, leather and wood elements, it seems to noble. The driver looks back on the blue underlined speedometer Maserati Convertible: topless with Italian and tachometer behind the steering wheel, the instruments are self-explanatory and can be operated easily. Access to the two rear seats is facilitated considerably by the electrically vorfahrbaren front seats. Despite a wheelbase of 2.94 meters long legged rear passengers have little leg room, especially if the driver and passenger are tall. Must also be drawn on the back seats from 1,80 meters height of the head so as not to trigger a closed roof. Therefore, the rear seats are reserved for junior or alternatively be used for luggage. Because the 175 liter luggage compartment volume is not even enough for the golf bag befitting of larger purchases or light luggage to mention.

Under the hood
The propulsion is provided by a 4.7-liter eight-cylinder gasoline engine, 323 kW/440 hp, the proud. When turning the ignition key, he wakes up with an impressive roar to life, every touch of the accelerator pedal is acknowledged with a purr. Maserati Convertible: topless in the Italian way, the force is transferred by a six-speed ZF automatic transmission. It turns effectively, there are optional shift paddles for manual gear changes.

The 100-km / h speed marker
Under powerful sound is achieved within 5.3 seconds to 100 km / h speed mark. Deadline is theoretically no roof at a speed of 274, and this value can not be practically achieved. Because the background noise at a moderate pace and barely noticeable wind turbulence are then in spite of strong wind deflector. Closing the speedometer climbs to 283 km / h with the roof insulates well and leaves very little noise. The specified standard consumption of 15.4 liters Super per 100 kilometers can be achieved is difficult, if not handled carefully with the gas pedal.

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