Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Citroen C6

The bodywork and the hydropneumatic suspension were the most remarkable features of the new Citroen flagship, which make it difficult for us but more than was to alienate the southern buyer competition. A new report driving Citroen C6: Invitation to a relaxing trip stronger 3.0-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder diesel engine with better performance while simultaneously reducing consumption is to revive the business.

Elegance, sophistication and prestige quite
The C6 has all the attributes of a vehicle, the upper middle class - elegance, sophistication and prestige well. From the overly long, gently arched bow, on which is emblazoned far between in the wings towering spotlights the chrome double chevron logo, the coupe-like body flows with soft lines in a stump-tail with prominent taillights humps. Is supported by the impression of elegant 2.90-meter wheelbase.

Equal litter and drive safely
The elegance of appearance continues in the driving operation. The high-torque diesel engine is barely audible, fits excellently to the character of the 4.90-meter-long trip limousine. Driving Report Citroen C6: Invitation to the same litter and relaxed travel safe to drive the hydro-pneumatic suspension filters reliably smooth all the inconveniences of the road surface. Can indeed push of a button damping and spring rates varied electronically, another button can turn out the spontaneous throttle response, but these controls are best forgotten. Really sporting the 1.9-ton truck, despite a maximum torque of 450 Nm, which is already at 1,600 rpm rev / is available, not to move. For feel-good atmosphere, in the standard six-speed torque converter automatic.

Interior is also in joy. Leather, real wood decor and hi-fi system pamper the driver and front passenger. Provides plenty of space to all occupants. Driving Report Citroen C6: Invitation to the relaxed ReisenDie legroom in the back seats is almost regal and tempted as often as possible to give the control of the hand. Ergonomically almost all tasks are solved. Only when you operate the air conditioning and radio functions it falls short because of the small keys, at least while driving. Turns out to be very pleasant, however, the so-called head-up display, the speed and navigation instructions in the driver-perceived image of the road fades. Especially at night driving around in narrow highway construction sites one learns to appreciate the system.

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