Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mazda 5 Review

With the likes of  Mazda5 can do thanks to the flexible interior system a lot. One can not continue - mistake him. The Nagare design was previously seen only in fancy concept cars and show cars from the Japanese manufacturer. According to statements by chief designer Koji Tabata to the flowing lines that are visible, especially on the flanks of the compact van, athletic and sporty Mazda5: wave club act but also intelligent and attractive. "This is something that you turn around," said Tabata. On the aerodynamics, the new design did, however, is not measurable, the drag coefficient remains at 0.30.

Optical Presence
A heavily accented front end supports the visual presence of seven-seaters like the muscular front fenders that are reminiscent of the Coupe Mazda RX-8. Your momentum is continuing in three panel folding, unfold according to the paint and sunlight different visual effects. Eight new exterior colors are available as well as 16 - or 17-inch alloy wheels. The lateral grooves open into the rails, which run in the sliding doors. They are a feature of the Mazda5 wants to score against strong competitors in the future. Neither VW Touran, the German segment leaders, nor the rival Renault Scenic, Citroen Picasso or Toyota Verso can come up with it. When Opel Zafira will only get the next generation sliding doors.

New Opportunities
Although people throughout Europe since 2005 around 175 000 customers opted for a Mazda5, in Germany there are hardly more than a year but 7500 buyers. But as the class leading VW Touran, of the nearly eight times the Mazda5: wave clubs are a lot of cars sold is a largely emotion-free product, is credited with Mazda's unique and forward-thinking design of new opportunities.

"Nagare" design in the interior
How the "Nagare" design continues in the interior, is seen, respectively, on the driver's orientation of the instruments, the other on the seating. The seat cushions are only held together by longitudinal seams, which from the front to the rear to help smooth out look. The front passenger area appears larger thanks to the newly designed dashboard. The instruments are illuminated white, and the top of the center console is a large information display. In order better to be in the driver's field of view, it was moved a few centimeters.

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